Grilling season is upon us: every outdoor chef’s favorite season. Soon we’ll be smelling burgers sizzling on the grill, and ribs being slowly smoked over low heat. One of Paducah’s most niche retail establishments happens to be the one where you can find every cooker, accessory, and seasoning needed to impress everyone who attends your backyard barbecue. We’re talking about Kentucky BBQ Supply Company, y’all. Nathan Antonites, owner of Kentucky BBQ Supply, started cooking for the masses when he joined the Army in 2005.  That lead to the opening of Paducah Meal Prep Company, but he’ll tell you BBQ has always been his passion.

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“Our customers range from experienced live-fire cooks to the backyard novice.”

I opened Kentucky BBQ Supply Company because Paducah lacked a craft bbq supply store. We carry a large array of products, most of which cannot be found in a big box store. We are centered around cooking with fire. Every cooker in our showroom cooks with fire in some way.”

Whether you’ve never lit charcoal or you’re an award-winning, Texas BBQ pitmaster, Kentucky BBQ Supply Company has something that you can’t leave without. From high-end Kamodo Joe ceramic grills to the basic backyard Weber grill, gas, charcoal, or both, the store has exactly the right cooker for everyone that walks through the door. “Our customers range from experienced live-fire cooks to the backyard novice. Even if you have all of the equipment you need, our rubs and marinades are hand selected by me, and I recommend trying every one of them.”

Not only does Sergeant Antonites (did I mention he’s also a law enforcement officer? When does this guy sleep?) sell specialty cookers, rubs, marinades, apparel, and accessories, but Kentucky BBQ Supply Company also holds classes, sometimes with guest chefs, to teach you how to use all of the amazing products that he sells. “What sets us apart from buying BBQ supplies elsewhere is not only are our products some of the best on the market, but we offer instructional classes and demos to help our customers perfect their favorite recipes. I love eating out, but there’s no better feeling than cooking your family’s favorite meal and nailing it – all without having to leave your home to enjoy it.”

Cooking at home with wood and fire brings out this primal beast in us all. The flavor combination of salt and smoke can not be replicated. Even most vegetables are better roasted over a fire. In many ways grilling is a healthier way of cooking because a lot of the fats drip off the meat and fewer oils, like butter, are necessary during the cooking process. There’s also a social aspect to outdoor cooking. Some of the best football games, NASCAR races, and golf tournaments are watched while fast searing a steak, or slow smoking a beef rib or Boston butt.

Andy Webber, manager of Kentucky BBQ Supply Company, is also a grill master also offers a wealth of knowledge when it comes to grilling. When you visit the store miss out on the opportunity to pick his brain. “Outdoor Cooking is one of the most rewarding things you can do. The drive, and passion, and attention to detail you put forth really shows in the final product. Outdoor cooking is an activity of passion and love.”

Paducah | quote

“Outdoor Cooking is one of the most rewarding things you can do.”

“I was thrilled when Nathan asked me to help him find a new space that would be more accessible to Kentucky BBQ Supply Company’s customer base. You could tell he was very passionate about investing in Paducah and it is always so great to work with people like that. When we walked into the space on Broadway it felt perfect! It’s fun to be part of something so serendipitous and I’m happy Nathan found his perfect spot…I couldn’t imagine a more deserving person.” Said Kathleen Gillespie, Nathan’s realtor at Falconite Development Group.

“I originally opened the store on McGuire Avenue, but that location kept us hidden.  When I envisioned the store, I wanted to be downtown. The store seemed to fit well with the older buildings and people that shop the area. Kathleen made that happen in the matter of one week. One phone call, one showing, and we had a leased signed. Kathleen made the experience fast and easy and she will be my go-to realtor in the future.”

Stop by the new location at 212 Broadway St, Paducah, KY 42001 to check out the store and load up with lump charcoal, rubs, sauces, and accessories before your weekend begins.

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