Partake In Paducah Is Proud to Introduce Brad James, Director

Partake In Paducah has just reached another milestone. The organization has hired its first full-time employee, Brad James.

Brad, a Paducah native,  has taken the helm as Director of Partake In Paducah.  Brad holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Communication from Murray State University.  In this new role, he will coordinate the content curation for the website and social media accounts, continuing Partake in Paducah’s mission to tell the story of Paducah while ensuring stories are told of the people, places, and things in our community that have been historically underrepresented.

“Being part of Partake In Paducah is an amazing opportunity,” says Brad when asked about his new position. “Our community is special, and I’m thrilled to be part of sharing its narrative. My goal is to be an advocate for this great city. Wonderful things are happening here. I look forward to the new relationships I have the opportunity to build in this new role and through Partake In Paducah’s unique story-telling.”

In addition to seeing that Paducah’s previously unheard stories are told, Brad will also be working to build partnerships within the local business community. Those partnerships and sponsorships fund Partake In Paducah’s ability to not just continue but further its mission.

“Brad is a natural-born leader, exceptional communicator, and possesses a passion to see Paducah grow,” said Jonas Neihoff, President of Socially Present, the managing organization of the Partake In Paducah brand.  “I am excited to see him lead Partake In Paducah into its next chapter.”