It’s incredibly rare for a community the size of Paducah to have such an amazing place like Noble Park right in the middle of our city. This 135-acre green space is the epicenter for our citizen’s fitness and outdoor activities. Our vision for a healthy Paducah is one where the healthy choice is the easy choice. We want to eliminate barriers to finding a healthier, happier lifestyle.


Noble Park can be a peaceful place to escape the noise of life where one can throw out a line and do some fishing, or feed the ducks and geese that inhabit the 5-acre lake. It can also be a place to partake in an array of outdoor recreation. Play some tennis, shoot some hoops, swim some laps, ride a few miles, or thrash the skate park. With handicap accessible playgrounds, access to the Greenway Trail, horseshoe pit, many multi-use ballfields, an outdoor amphitheater, and so many community events held here, it’s truly a place where there is always something to do.


Since 1926, Paducahians have enjoyed this treasure that has brought the community together. Noble park undoubtedly transcends the words “City Park.” For a full list of amenities Noble Park offers, visit the website at: http://paducahky.gov/noble-park and for the schedule of activities, visit: http://paducahky.gov/parks-recreation-department.