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Enjoy a worlds away experience at Confleur, Amber and Peter Barnett’s take on a traditional European style cafe infused with southern staples and modern flavor.


Confleur is a place that has something for everyone, from high-end cocktails to hand dipped ice cream. The Barnetts opened their cafe with the intention of attracting people of all ages and backgrounds to experience made-from-scratch biscuits, soufflés, quiche, pastries and hand-dipped ice cream just to name a few. From the girls who stop in for a ladies brunch on the weekends to the families who bring their children for ice-cream after school, Confleur is a place where people can come, stay awhile and enjoy a treat any time of day.

Occupying a space within the former Fox Briar Inn at Riverplace in Paducah, Confleur offers a modern flair to a historical building. Amber and Peter Barnett are no strangers to owning a business and have successfully operated Piper’s Tea and Coffee for the past five years. Their latest business venture is established within the former Ice Cream Factory. The Barnetts were intrigued by the building when they first moved to Paducah and knew it would be the perfect fit for Confleur when it became available. They envisioned creating a new experience for the people of Paducah while maintaining the history of the building’s former tenant and to do so, the Barnetts kept the space as original as possible while adding Confleur’s unique style.

“Peter and I believe it’s important to move forward while honoring the past,” says Amber.


With the closing of a former establishment, employees were uncertain what would happen next under new ownership. The Barnetts offered a new opportunity to the Ice Cream Factory staff and many of the employees stayed to work with Amber and Peter on their ambitions for Confleur.


Every sweet and savory treat from the modern cafe is handcrafted and handmade. Macarons are handmade by Amber and quiches are made fresh every day with local ingredients. The coffee is roasted and tea is brewed from Piper’s Tea and Coffee which is used to infuse the flavors of Amber’s ice cream creations and customer’s coffee cups.

“We want people to come and stay for the experience. It’s our wish that every guest stops in and savors the flavors of ice cream and our cuisine while spurring conversation about their experience,” says Amber Barnett.


Amber and Peter Barnett are no strangers to fine cuisine and both have experience working in high-end restaurants in Europe. Peter learned how to be a barista and bartender, securing a career in either field wherever he lived around the world. Amber’s mother is French and she lived with her family in England and other parts of Europe for several years. During her time abroad, Amber worked in a restaurant and learned the art of cooking and baking. The same restaurant where she and Peter tied the knot.


“I’ve always had a love for baking but life happened and I didn’t believe it would become a profession for me. It’s funny how life comes full circle,” says Amber.


Through Confleur, Amber made her passion for baking a reality as she is regularly in the kitchen baking pastries including her famed macarons. While Amber’s love lies with her pastry creations, Peter is particularly excited to bring high-end cocktails to Paducah. One cocktail, for instance, is created with the first legally made Absinthe with original wormwood and a gin fizz is always a popular choice for guests.

“Confleur’s bar has a different feel opposed to an ordinary bar. It’s more about the experience of drinking a high-end cocktail from a different world. Most people who walk in don’t recognize the alcohol bottles on our shelf and that’s what we want. The alcohol from across the world offers people a new experience,” says Peter Barnett.


When Amber and Peter chose the building for Confleur, it also included a large space perfect for events. For special occasions, the event space can be rented out for private parties including baby showers, birthday parties and bridal showers.


“The space was designed for people to genuinely enjoy the experience we have created for them,” says Peter. “We want our guests to feel like they have entered a different world. If even for just a little while.”


Enjoy a treat any hour of the day at Confleur. Brunch is served Wednesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and serves exquisite biscuit dishes including handmade biscuits topped with local honey or topped with a Boursin Béchamel sauce and pickled mushrooms. Afternoon tea is served from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. daily by reservation. In-house brewed tea is served with crepes, scones and pastries of your choice to highlight the feel of a European cafe during the afternoon tea experience. Cocktails and ice cream are available every time of day.