Our Partner

Hardworking. Genuine. Knowledgeable. These are words that have been used to describe Marty Grubbs, Owner of Bulletproof Fitness in Paducah. Marty has a reputation for his unwavering commitment to improving the health of our community and its residents. It is that time of year where people are making resolutions (and breaking resolutions). Before giving up on your New Year’s wellness goals, we’d like to introduce you to Marty Grubbs – our source of health and wellness inspiration.

Marty Grubbs is a Paducah native who, at the time of his graduation from Paducah Tilghman High School, didn’t resemble the bodybuilder he is today. “I was the skinny kid,” he admitted. What began as a quest to bulk up and garner the attention that came with that, soon transformed into an inspirational journey that has enabled Marty to become a key influencer among Paducah’s children and adults.

“I always had a knack for helping people,” explains Marty. “Initially people would ask me for tips on improving their own levels of fitness. Once you start working with people, you learn that there’s always something deeper to the journey that person is traveling. A journey to health is more than the physical element. Anyone can count macros. Anyone can lay out an exercise plan and count reps. Transforming a person’s well-being and health requires more than that. It requires commitment and dedication to an individual on a personal level.  You have to meet people where they are. You have to be able to recognize when they are hurting or when there is pain inside. Improving health is transformational from the inside out, but it starts on the inside. If there’s one thing I’d want someone to know about working with a personal trainer it’s that.

“People have preconceived notions about what working with a personal trainer is like,” says Daniella Shields, Marty’s longest existing client. “I began working with Marty five years ago as a way to get ahead of health issues that come along as we age. A lot of older people miss how important this is. The gym can be intimidating, especially for older adults. Not everyone works with a personal trainer just to look good in a bathing suit.”

“For many of us, the goal is to feel and be healthy so we can lead normal lives as long as possible. Marty pours into his clients. He has an empathetic spirit. He knows who he’s working with, and he is committed to meeting their individual needs.”

“Faithful” is a word that Christy, Marty’s wife, used to describe her husband. 

“Marty is a faithful man. He’s faithful to his family, to God, to his clients and to his goals. My husband does not see it as his job to fix people. He meets people where they are. He pours into them. The hard work he and his clients do together is what lifts them up.”

Marty’s vision for a healthy community is one where our residents have access to healthy whole foods, are educated on nutrition, have a way to make fitness part of their daily routine, and where a focus on mental health is valued just as much as physical health.  Being healthy in all areas is how Bulletproof Fitness got its name. 


“We all have struggles we go through in this life,” said Marty. “Being bulletproof does not mean you are immune to the hard things. It means you deflect the bullets that come at you. Grief, anxiety, and depression can affect all of us and weaken us from the inside. When I help my clients on their journey towards health, we start with what’s happening inside. When we are strong on the inside, we build confidence that helps us deflect the bad days. That is what sets the stage for the external transformation.”