Too Full to “Thai” My Shoes

You’ve likely heard the ancient Thai proverb, “every dog has its day.” That day was today as the Food Dude crew approached its next destination: Jasmine’s Thai Cuisine and Sushi Bar. Known for sushi that could cause a samurai to weep and Thai dishes that make Bangkok beg for more, the esteemed eatery won The Paducah Sun Reader’s Choice ‘Best Japanese Food/Sushi’ category in 2015 and again in 2017.

Paducah’s Jasmine isn’t the only royalty, however, as she has three sister restaurants amongst the franchise including the flagship location in Murray as well as two others residing in Nashville, Tennessee. Surrounded by local art hanging from wall to wall and various nods to Southeast Asian culture at every turn, we made our way to our table. The sleek wooden framework, marble tabletops, and modernistic light fixtures gave the establishment a nice blend of culture and class.
While I was excited to learn as much as I could about this dojo of deliciousness, my patience began to dissipate as the smell of curry, thai basil, and stir-fry began to tickle my nostrils. In an effort to get the most out of the experience and grasp the full spectrum of the chef Shu-Son’s culinary talents (Shu-Son is the head Japanese sushi chef of the restaurant responsible for all the fantastic creations and original flavors), we decided to order a signature Thai dish as well as a plate of sushi. We ultimately settled on two of the more popular entrees, ‘The Murray Roll’ and the ‘Sesame Chicken’ with a side salad.

I did my best to take my mind off of the hunger by humming “Let’s Get Down to Business” from the animated Disney classic Mulan, and used (what I thought were a pair of complementary drumsticks) to drum along. My musical performance was cut short around the second stanza as the moment we’d been waiting for finally arrived – the food, dude!

Jasmine’s House Salad and Signature Ginger Dressing

The first item to be executed by the emperor of the belly kingdom, was the side salad (soup is also a readily available option). The salad, composed of iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, ginger-based signature dressing, and topped with deep-fried wonton crisps, left a tangy and sweet aftertaste following each bite. This is one salad you won’t want to get to the bottom of. Fortunately, there was plenty more food to look forward to once I did!

Sesame Chicken

Following the fine-tuned salad, came the second dish; the Sesame Chicken. Anyone who orders this is in for a sweet deal – literally! As I uttered the words “Open Sesame” and brought the fork to my mouth, the rich savory glaze over top of the deep-fried chicken chunks had my taste buds doing kung-fu. Paired with snap peas, bits of carrot, scallions, and a side of Jasmine’s infamous white rice, this dish alone will have you smiling next to Buddha himself in a sweet state of serenity.

The Murray Roll

Time to ‘roll’ onward towards the last remaining dish on it’s way to the Temple of Doom that is my stomach; the ‘Murray Roll’. This particular portion of the meal left me feeling somewhat guilty as I hadn’t seen something prepared this nicely since Jamie Chung’s debut on MTV’s Real World: San Diego. This masterfully-crafted specimen consisted of baked salmon and cream cheese, inside a perfectly rolled circle of white rice topped with avocado and eel sauce. Adorning the sides of the plate were wasabi and ginger (as you all know, ginger is usually “without a soul”, but not in this case.) If you choose to ‘partake’ in this roll of sushi, you will NOT be disappointed…

To Eat Intelligently is an Art

If your lunch hour is quickly approaching, or you feel like treating your princess to a night on the town, then Jasmine’s Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar is a fine-dining jewel worthy of your consideration. For those of you on a health-kick, or currently prepping for the ever sought after “beach bod,” Jasmine’s food is made fresh daily and never frozen. With a strong focus on healthier choices, certain items on the menu are made gluten-free and allergy-tolerant. As you leave ‘The House of the Rising Shu-Son’, remember to thank your waiter or waitress in order to maintain good karma and all that jazz.

Until next time, may your ancestors smile on you and may good food be inside of you.  Chow!

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