Yo, Ho! Yo, Ho! And A Belly Full of Yum!

‘Shiver me timbers the hunger has begun to set in’, I thought to myself as me and my first mate (and camera woman) decided to come ashore for some much-needed grub. On deck for this week’s review is Gulf Coast Connection, a local hot spot known for their fresh seafood.

As us landlubbers walked through the doors, a beautiful sight caught our eye (as we cannot speak for the glass under our patches). The dining room walls were painted with a welcoming seafoam green complimented by turquoise doors and the floor was adorned with a classic black and white checkered pattern. I was ‘taken aback’ to the days when I was just a wee lad at my father’s fishing shop as I noticed the assortment of nautical decorations hanging about including shark jaws, seashells, and aquatic art. Photographs from Dauphin Island covered the interior showcasing where the Collier family acquires their scaly little friends and brings them back home to our lovely little island of Lone Oak.

A Look at What’s Cooking…

As I reviewed the menu, my mind was blown by the majority of options before us. I was hungry enough to eat my remaining leg so I decided to go for the ‘Pick 3’ Fried Plate composed of oysters, gator, and fish with a side of slaw and potato salad, while my first mate settled with the crawfish. We scanned the masterfully decorated environment for a seat and then, AHOY! X-marked the spot. As we waited for our dishes to be delivered I could hardly bare the anticipation and felt a sudden surge of sadness as I realized Flapper Jaw, our prized parrot, would be missing out. Poseidon soon answered our prayers as our food arrived.

First to walk the plank was the gator. As I popped one of the juicy morsels into my mouth and began to chew, my taste buds were flooded with flavor. While the alligator meat was unique in its own right, it was very reminiscent to that of chicken (if someone was able to infiltrate the place where all the ‘Alpha’ chickens hangout, capture them and inject the lot with a magical ‘tasty serum’ that is). Next to visit the Davy Jones’ Locker of my stomach were the oysters. I had my doubts about this particular item because I’ve never had “good” fried oysters as the fried batter always overpowers the taste of the oyster itself.

I could NOT have been more wrong…The fried breading was just right and the oyster meat melted in my mouth with each bite.

Two down, and one to go, it was Fishy McFisherson’s turn, which I lovingly named the Grouper before it met its untimely second end. I quickly devoured the fish leaving no prisoners

Those Cajun-Style Louisiana Crawfish…

Last but not least, I decided to try some of my mates Crawfish. Believe me when I say big things really DO come in small packages. These little guys packed a HUGE punch and you could tell the cooks took their time when honing this special craft. Each slurp was filled with a zesty blend of delicious spices that had me reaching for more.

If you’re a fan of Cajun-Style Louisiana Crawfish then this is the port for you.

Anchors aweigh! As we finished our bounty and made our way back to the ship, a salty tear was shed knowing we would have to wait until our next voyage to “Partake” in this part of Paducah.

If you and your crew are hungry after a long hard day of plundering and happen to be in the mood for the freshest seafood around as well as friendly service at an affordable price, then set sail for Gulf Coast Connection! Don’t forget to say hello the owners Ryan Collier and Candy Lawrence as they love to see new faces!

Until next time my fellow swashbucklers…Chow!