Nathan Lange

Hello. This is me. You will be feasting your eyes upon my photos for the next few days. I figured I should give a proper introduction to myself with an extremely unflattering portrait in front of an instrument I don’t even play. What better way to say, “sah, dude”? I do stuff sometimes. Every now and then I dabble in things. I like to take photos along the way. I hope you enjoy.

Chai and Oria. These goofballs. Nothing is more entertaining than dogs. The other day, my older sister announced that she is having another baby. I also excitedly announced to the large group of family members, all of them crying with joy, that we will be sticking with dogs for the next few years. Sorry, Mom.

Snapple fact #1019: Interstate 90 is the longest U.S. interstate highway with over 3,000 miles from Seattle, WA to Boston, MA.

This is my lovely wife. She is beautiful in everything that she does. One day I was like, “hey, wanna get married?” to this random chick, and it just so happened to be her. It was crazy. She said no.

Snapple fact #790: Your big toe only has 2 bones and the rest have 3.

This one is called “Front of the Coke Building.” Neat.

Snapple fact #33: Termites eat through wood 2 times faster when listening to rock music.

It was a sad time for humanity. They were relentless. Humankind was never the same.

Snapple fact #953: The longest attack of hiccups ever lasted 68 years.

I like to call this one “Similar but Different” (super profound, I know). Recently I’ve really been into portrait photography. I’ve really enjoyed pointing my camera at someone and saying “Hey [insert name here]”. The first look on their face is typically the picture I use.

Snapple fact #201: The only one-syllabled U.S. state is Maine.

My job is barely even a job to me. I’ve been able to make a living from a passion of mine, and I’m truly blessed for it. *Disclaimer* Your lattes won’t always look like this when I make them for you, I’m normally really bad.

Snapple fact #1251: Walruses are true party animals; they can go without sleep for 84 hours.

I risked life and limb for this picture. What you don’t see: behind me is a train barrelling down the tracks, full steam ahead. Above me are news reporters in helicopters trying to witness this momentous scene; a photographer who will risk his life for anyone of his terrible photos (at this point, I think it’s just pity). Cops completely surrounding the area for committing such a felony of chilling on some railroad tracks. It was intense. In the end, I died. But I think my message still lives on.

Snapple fact #10: Mosquitos are attracted to people who just ate bananas.

What better way to end my run than with this sick photo of @jayval26 doing this sick pose in this sick alleyway. Sick, dude. Thank you for going along with me on this wild ride. Hope you enjoyed my stuff!

Snapple fact #364: Borborygmi is the noise that your stomach makes when you’re hungry.