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Paducah is full of passion. Residents devote festivals to beloved activities like quilting and consuming pulled-pork BBQ, and entire businesses thrive on local love for pottery and crafts. And, that enthusiasm extends to so many other interests—music, improv comedy, and even cars.

Partake in Paducah wants to capture the city’s love for life, and that’s why we’ve invited award-winning automotive journalist Jules Stayton to join the ranks of our contributing writers. She’ll lend her unique voice to our site and cover the local culture built around cars.

Born and raised near Chicago, IL, Jules spent more than 25 years teaching everything from physical education to math to library sciences. She earned three degrees and two university endorsements and taught in Rolling Meadows, IL, Las Vegas, NV, and Murray, KY.

But alongside that love for teaching, Jules says, she also fostered a love for automobiles. It was a passion that began in childhood.

“My dad was a police officer,” she says. “And from the time I was a little girl, he would ask me about cars, in almost a detective sort of way. … So, from the time I was a little kid, I was picking out Fords, Chevys, and Toyotas, and telling him colors and facts about the cars. … My life was filled with cars.”

Eventually, Jules moved on from teaching and decided to awaken her inner writer. She began JulesOnWheelz.net in early 2017 and started blogging about people and cars in her signature, heartfelt style. She now enjoys sharing untold tales of the auto industry.

“Every auto has a story, which means every person [who owns one] has a story,” she says. “And, hearing those stories is a whole lot of fun.”

JulesOnWheelz.net and its associated Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube accounts have become so popular that automotive companies send Jules vehicles to test drive and review. In 2018, Jules won an Automotive Heritage Journalism Award.

Jules is happy to add her conversational and relatable voice to Partake in Paducah as she covers local auto enthusiasts, car clubs, and auto-related events. We look forward to sharing her unique viewpoint and considerable knowledge with you as she explores this facet of Paducah life.