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Cakes have been a party staple for decades. Birthdays, weddings, retirement parties, and so many other occasions typically have at least one cake at the event. Cakes can be made at home, purchased from the store, ordered and made special, and some of the creations that are out there look almost too good to eat!

Jennifer Lopez had been making her children’s birthday cakes and created her own masterpieces at home for years. It was fun and something that she enjoyed doing, a lot! It wasn’t until a lunch date with her friends that Jennifer even considered making her cake decorating into a business. That lunch date sprang to life a business idea that has changed Jennifer, her business partner Emily, and had a ripple effect to countless people since that day, in amazing ways. Her friends told her the business would be a great idea, and even had a name and logo ready for her to consider.

From that lunch date, The Cake Mom was born in October of 2009.

As with any, new business, the beginning was slow. Jennifer received orders from family only, for a while. Once her name got out, she started getting orders from other people and it took off from there.

Jennifer started out in Sikeston, MO, where she lived at the time. Since then, her friend Emily joined the business bringing “& Co” to the name in 2012, and Jennifer relocated to Paducah, KY and continued “The Cake Mom & Co” business right here, in our area.

They serve the local area, as well as Cape Girardeau, MO area, and said if someone wants to pay for a delivery, “I will drive a cake pretty much anywhere!”

Now, the creations themselves are amazing, to say the least! Jennifer and Emily have amazing talent with their cakes! Recently, Jennifer made a sculpted giraffe cake, and recreated the Hocus Pocus book as a cake, which are both amazing! But, making awesome cake creations is not the only thing Jennifer has done for our area…

She became aware, early on, that Kentucky had laws about home-based baking businesses, limited cottage food law, that prevented this business from continuing in her home. So, in 2017 she began lobbying for the home bakers of Kentucky, and eventually became the face of a movement that passed a bill making it legal to have a home-based baking business across the state!

While talking with Jennifer, I asked her if she had any words to share with others who have a dream, much like herself. Her response is so encouraging!

“I would say they just need to go for it! Everyone starts somewhere… they may even have to work their normal job and then go home and work their dream job, but it will pay off.”

Dickens of a Christmas | small business | paducah
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“I would say they just need to go for it! Everyone starts somewhere… they may even have to work their normal job and then go home and work their dream job, but it will pay off.”

Jennifer stepped out of her comfort zone to start a business and stepped out again to lobby for home-based bakers across the state. Not only does “The Cake Mom & Co.” make delicious and amazing creations, but she helped people like herself across an entire state to have the ability to do the same thing. Her words of inspiration, as well as her gorgeous creations, can be found online at thecakemom.com where you can contact her for orders, read the blogs, and be encouraged to live your dream, too!

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