Our Partner

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  If this rings true, Corey and Courtney Smith owners of Prim and Proper Events in Paducah are writing “Gone With the Wind” through their business extension, The Tin Lens.

Creating an “atmosphere” isn’t always easy.  Romantic, fun, memorable, etc. describe the events that Corey and Courtney try to produce for their clients.  Details, details, details…thousands of them make up the modern day wedding. 

Brides are always looking for that extra something that will make their wedding unforgettable and one of those extras at Prim and Proper is the addition of a 1969 Volkswagen Westfalia van complete with photo booth and all the feather boas you could imagine.


Corey’s VW inspiration came from seeing so many on the West Coast.  Hauling surfboards and coolers has been replaced with bridesmaids and groomsmen.  I met the Tin Lens at a family wedding and found it to be the perfect unique addition providing all ages some new or old timey fun courtesy of the couple exchanging vows.

The Tin Lens has been so popular Corey and Courtney are looking to invest in other classic automobiles or even another VW van to keep up with the demand for the off-white photobooth wonder.  In just two short years of having the option to snap memories, their schedule is practically full for 2019 already!  Send pics to yourself digitally or print them out on cue…it’s up to you.  Perfect for guests of ALL ages.

The Tin Lens can be engaged for just about any event, not just weddings.  Graduation parties, retirement parties, grand openings, festivals, etc. are all perfect events that work well with the VW.  Its recognizable charm and “go anywhere” ability allows Corey and Courtney to customize it just as you’d like it to be.  Photos with names, graphics, and logos can make it completely made-to-order.

I asked Courtney what they enjoyed most about involving autos in their business.  She said  “I think it’s unexpected, and that’s what we like to offer people!  Whether it’s how we are decorating, what we are using to decorate with, how we run our business or an event or the Tin Lens – we like to WOW people!  The Tin Lens helps us do that!”


Partake in Paducah, to me, means bringing smiles to the faces of local people.  Without the people and small businesses that are here, locally, Paducah wouldn’t be what it is!  The feeling, the nostalgia – everything about it is different than any other place in the world.  If we can have unique things, like The Tin Lens, that bring joy to people as they are either visiting or partaking in Paducah – we are going to keep doing it!”

Thanks for bringing autos to Paducah in such a unique way Corey and Courtney.  Your love of autos is noted and appreciated!