Our Partner

As I sit here reading my copy of Autoweek all alone, it occurs to me that car buffs are a combination of solo and social wrapped up into one.  “Alone time” with a good automotive publication or an afternoon under the hood of a well-loved project is heaven for most.  The quest for the right “social” time is sometimes elusive but not for people like Mario Andretti and definitely not for those who gather to make Cars & Coffee, Paducah, KY tick.

Our last meet-up in the back parking lot of Etcetera Coffeehouse was greeted with sunshine and blue sky.  Diehard enthusiasts and automotive journalists show up early both for the cars AND the coffee.  Subaru was nicely represented with a couple of racers and their buddy a Miata with an Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger aboard.  Ogling, coffee drinking and chatting made for fast friends right off the bat. 

Paducah prides itself in being focused on community, that comes in many forms and I was very happy to find this niche of car lovers right downtown. 

 As time passed the lot was heavy laden with more and more coffee drinkers and car aficionados.  A Camaro Z28, AMX, Infiniti, S10 pickup and a posse of Porsches pulled in as the sun moved overhead and shade disappeared.  We welcomed our youngest fan riding shotgun with his Dad.  He will never forget it and will probably be head of the Cars & Coffee, Paducah for the next generation.

Still involved, former owner, Allan Rhodes was kind enough to take a break from being a busy barista to show us the right-hand drive Honda van that Etcetera uses for deliveries and such.  His love of cars led to him working with Cars & Coffee, Paducah organizer Brian Dixon to host the gathering on the last Saturday of the month.  He is the shot of caffeine that the group needed as they found a home base for meetings. 

Cars and Coffee groups host gatherings most Saturdays everywhere across the country.  It’s a chance for people to show off their treasures and meet other like-minded individuals who love car culture and all it brings. 

Community. Paducah. Cars. Coffee.   

It works for these buffs and makes it easy to Partake in Paducah. Check out Cars & Coffee, Paducah, KY on Facebook and visit the 320 North 6th St. location any last Saturday of the month to chatter with other car lovers.