PED Chooses Partake in Paducah As Its Preferred Online Channel for Breaking News On Business and the Economy

Partake in Paducah launched its new website in March 2018 with one goal in mind: to create a website that celebrates the diversity of our community while also celebrating the unity among its residents. shares the beauty of our city and the richness of our culture for the whole world to see. The stories featured on the website are written to inspire, inform and entertain. Partake in Paducah is proud to announce our new partner: Paducah Economic Development (PED).

PED has chosen Partake in Paducah as their preferred online channel for breaking news on business and the economy. “Paducah Economic Development is proud to be a sponsor of Partake in Paducah, says Scott Darnell, President/CEO of PED.

“Forward Paducah, the economic development strategy for Greater Paducah positions economic development in our community to capture all assets, building wealth and creating a better community to live, work, and visit. We have chosen to become an integral part of Partake in Paducah for this reason.”

As part of this partnership, PED will use the Partake in Paducah website and social media accounts to highlight new business and to illustrate why Greater Paducah is the obvious choice for businesses and individuals considering a move here. “Partake in Paducah is building a platform for our community to share news, highlight new entrepreneurs and businesses, and to encourage all areas of our community to collaborate and build something that captures the energy and excitement of our community, like never before. We look forward to telling the stories of the business owners here in Paducah. We aim to shine a spotlight on the businesses and industries who are thriving in Paducah. It’s beneficial to our community to see that these hidden treasure stories are told.”

“PED does so much to help the business community and create opportunities for industry and small business to thrive. They see the potential in our community and believe these stories will inspire others to do great things to make Paducah all it can be. We are proud to be the channel that they share stories of success and breaking news of economic development in our region.

– Jonas Neihoff, President Socially Present (Partake in Paducah Management Team)

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