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It’s time to leave the days of conventional fruit bowls behind and enter into a brand new era of nutrition – welcome to Frutta Bowls of Paducah.

Upon my arrival at the restaurant I sat down with owner Landon Owen while my meal was being prepared and began to get to “core” of what makes Frutta Bowls special.

According to Landon, he had always had an interest in the food scene and wanted to bring something different to Paducah in an effort to offset the greasy trends our community has grown so accustomed to. When he and his wife Renee stumbled upon Frutta Bowls they realized they immediately began to map out their future plans for the location.

The match ended up being a “fruitful pearing” and caught on like wildfire in a grape vineyard.

Pretty soon I got to experience what drew the Owen family to the franchise as small but generously portioned plastic bowls began to plop down one by one. Each had a vastly different taste, texture and feel and consisted of a combination of specialty peanut butters, acai bases, fruit toppings, oatmeal offerings, and more.

My Frutta Bowls adventure was unlike anything else my stomach and I have ever faced. Not only is it a healthy alternative to most options out there, but the quality of the ingredients used is superior to what is typically found in fast food chains many of us have become accustomed to visiting. It was like my mouth was playing the wildly popular mobile game “Fruit Ninja” in real time and I broke a new record after each bite

Here are the Food Dude’s top three recommendations:

  • The Coco-Puff.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for cereal-based food. This one had my sweet tooth spinning after every piece my lips touched. I could have easily eaten my weight in this one alone. If you’re in the mood for a killer dessert with knockout flavor this ones your best bet.
  • The Muscle-Up. Yeah, yeah, I know. “He only said that cause of its name!” Haters, gonna hate, eaters gonna eat. Regardless of your feelings toward the sport of CrossFit, don’t let that deter you from experiencing one of the most well-balanced concoctions available at Frutta Bowls Paducah. The whey protein base and the blend of banana, acai, and peanut butter may be simple but it’s effective. Not only is it a healthier option, but it’s also a tasty one.
  • The Bermuda. In terms of a seasonal item, I could see myself enjoying this even more during the summer months. Not only does it look awesome visually, but the refreshing fruit taste and sweet overtones make this one a home run.

When asked what message he could slip into a bottle (or rather a bowl) Landon had this to say:

“Put your fears aside and come give us a try. People around here are so used to meat and potatoes, but if we can just that foot in the door, we know they’re going to like it. When you do, try a bowl! Our smoothies are great, but our bowls are a unique product that sets us apart from everybody else.”

There you have it Paducah! The next time your hunger pains kick-in or you need to satisfy that sweet tooth that’s driving you towards junk food, do your body a favor and pump those brakes. The all-natural fruit based offerings at Frutta Bowls of Paducah has you covered! As always….Chow!