I sing because I’m able to share my story through song. It’s my hope that my melodies are converted to words of encouragement to those who come in contact with them.”

Amanda Joyce began singing in church at the age of 5 and hasn’t stopped. Her ability has progressed throughout her life and so has her music career. In 2016 through 2017, Ms. Joyce sang in a Paducah rhythm and blues band named “A Different Sound.”

“When I hear music, my mood is altered. If I want to be in a happy mood, I put on upbeat songs. If I want to relax, I play smooth jazz. If I want to clean the house, I put on soulful R&B…music sets the tone for our environment which in turns sets our mood…very powerful.”

A song titled, “Be Free” is Amanda’s first single that she has launched as a solo artist to spread the message of freedom and overcoming strongholds. Her love for Christ, people, and music allow her to strive towards lifting bowed down heads and touching spirits through song.

“When I perform I feel nervous, excited, empowered, responsible, ALIVE, brave, and chosen. When I’m on stage, I’m free because I can tell my story. I sing from the depths of my soul, and I leave it all out on the platform.”

Ms. Joyce, thank you for blessing this community with your voice.