When Terrye Peeler was just 16 years old, she took her first drink of alcohol. That first drink led to a 28-year addiction for Terrye  “No one knows at the time they take their first drink that they are going to become an alcoholic,” Terrye explains.. On June 6, 1999 she decided enough was enough. “I just didn’t want to be that person anymore.”  That was the day she started her walk toward sobriety.

Terrye had close friends prior to that day who talked to her about going to AA meetings or taking part in other programs to help her overcome her addiction to alcohol. Terrye has strong Christian beliefs and it was her involvement with her church family who helped her to recovery.  In 2005, a woman from her church approached her about starting a program for women recovering from addiction. Terrye and three other women began to pray about a women’s facility. A men’s program (Paducah Lifeline Ministries) was started in 2004. These women were looking to expand that ministry to help women find addiction recovery through a Christian-based recovery program. That program is today knowns as Ladies Living Free. Terrye helped start that ministry and today, is the full-time Executive Director of both Paducah Lifeline Ministries and Ladies Living Free.

“When I got involved in this, I never wanted to receive a paycheck,” said Terrye. From 2005 until her retirement from Comcast in December of 2015, Terrye gave 10 – 20 hours per week of her time supporting and managing the two organizations.

“God gave me the ability to be a do-er. During that time, I was able to do a lot of things. I was also blessed with a supportive employer. I used my lunch hours and off hours sometimes in Comcast’s board room supporting Paducah Lifeline Ministries and Ladies Living Free.”


In January of 2016, Terrye began the new year as the full-time Executive Director for these programs. She has still never taken a paycheck.

“I cannot imagine my life without this ministry. When men and women come into our program, they are broken. A lot of them have lost everything. Before our very eyes we get to see these people blossom, sometimes in as little as a single month. I love what I do. I love seeing people be transformed out of addiction and into good, Godly lifestyles. Paducah Lifeline Ministries and Ladies Living Free help me as much as I hope I help them.

About Paducah Lifeline Ministries and Ladies Living Free

Paducah Lifeline Ministries is a nine-month residential and non-residential recovery program helping those who struggle with life-controlling problems. Their mission is to provide men and women with Christ-centered solutions to addiction. They are committed to helping individuals become spiritually alive, mentally sound, and physically well through a program of structured lifestyle change, Bible study, life skills classes, and counseling with an emphasis on accountability, faith, and obedience to Jesus Christ.

The non-profit organization relies on individuals, businesses and church donations to operate. They are also blessed to receive money from the Carson Myre and Eckstein Charitable Trust Foundations, KY Colonels, and are United Way Agencies.  They receive no state or federal funding. In the last few years they have been working toward a capital campaign initiative aimed to expand their services to meet our community’s demand for services.

For more information about the program, or to make a donation, visit their website or connect with them on social media.