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The winter blues. Yes, they exist even in our mild four-season region.  Grey skies, cool temps and even the occasional dance with snowflakes make for some challenging times for many families in the Paducah area.  

Problem solved.  
Why not take the kiddos on a road trip to the 
Discovery Park of America!  Whether it be relatives in for the holidays or just some much needed change of scenery, the DPA  in Union City, TN is a great spot to get your car fix via the Transportation Exhibit.

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My basement from childhood never gave what this below ground treasure does.  Spiders have been replaced with spotless floors filled with cars and memorabilia spanning sixty years. Grandpa, Mom and even little sister can find some fun in this exhibit.  Hubcaps, oil cans, pumps, and power can be found. The Mopar is magnificent, the Corvettes charming, and the woodies wonderful.  Pick your poison, they’re all there.

Each mechanical marvel is displayed with plenty of information via the key posted at each vehicle.  Make a treasure hunt, alphabet game, or just stroll amongst the beauties and admire the design.

The shine almost makes sunglasses necessary.  Walking by pieces of history and reminiscing about bygone eras can be enjoyable for many.  Seeing the past stimulates imaginings of what the future might be. There might be a budding engineer or designer amongst the ranks!

Families have been enjoying the car scene forever, it seems. Some of the most popular cult classics like the Bullitt Mustang from the movie of the same name starring Steve McQueen was discovered and was a daily driver for a third-grade teacher, the owner Sean Kiernan’s mother.  

Dickens of a Christmas | small business | paducah

Another find, the first retail Mustang sold in the United States just two days before the 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing, NY, was the family car for owner Gail Wise and her husband Tom.  They hauled four kids around in the icon until the kids grew and made space scarce. The 1964 ½ Skyline Blue baby turned into a retirement project for Tom and now they tour the country showing off their treasure.

Dickens of a Christmas | small business | paducah

Cars connect us.  The road trip to and from the DPA will produce memories that will be recalled for years to come.  Somehow, when we trap ourselves together in the car for a road trip, talk happens. Eyes are opened, bridges crossed, and out of the cocoon emerges true conversation and face to face expression.  Look into their faces, sometimes through the rearview mirror, but always moving forward.

Put down the phones, turn off the tablets and Partake.

Other displays and exhibits are available with admission to Discovery Park of America.  

Click here for more information.

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