Curls For The Girls (And Boys)

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Curls & Cream! That’s right, the next target on our hit list of heart-stopping hotspots was none other than the decadent and downright delicious local ice cream shop; Curls & Cream. As soon as my partner in crime and I walked through the doors, my consciousness was instantly transported back into my adolescent self. As images of sugar plums, Oompa Loompa tunes, and mountains of ice cream danced in my head, we made our way to the counter to place our orders. The shop’s interior was decked out in local art including painted works, calligraphy, and photography. The exposed brick and wooden rustic visual aesthetic provided us with a warm and welcoming sensation as we narrowed down our menu options.

The menu boasts a selection of gluten-free treats that sound good enough to send Cookie Monster through the roof. Curls & Cream, known for their unique creation methods, offers several unique experiences: their infamous “Rolled” Ice Cream as well as their proficiently poignant “Puffle POPs!” that are puffed to perfection (preposterous, I know.)

As always, we decided to take a sampling of their most popular items. Our Rolled Ice Cream selection consisted of the renowned ‘S’mores’ option, The Strawberry Dream, and the weekly special: The ‘Chocolate Mint Julep’, themed after the Kentucky Derby.


If you’d like to relive the childhood memories of lying to your parents and sneaking out to go camping with your friends without the annoyance of poison ivy, mosquitoes, and sleeping on the ground, then this option is definitely for you. This cup of epic proportions contains tightly rolled curls of vanilla ice cream, bits of graham cracker, chocolate syrup, and my favorite part; blow-torched marshmallows. After they ask what degree you’d like them burnt, they literally blow torch it right in front of you Ghostbusters vs. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man style. You’re allowed a total of up to 3 toppings, so of course the Cinnamon Toast Crunch pieces were my first choice which complimented the graham cracker while cranking the sweet factor all the way up to 11. Sprinkles quickly became my second pick. I decided to top my concoction off with my third ingredient, the oreo, poking out the top. As for the taste, well, it was gone before I had a chance to thoroughly analyze my pallet, but I do recall it being somewhere between good and holy cow.

The Strawberry Dream

Prepare your taste buds to take a leisurely pleasure cruise to strawberry shortcake land. The strawberry ice cream had a completely different taste due to the fact that Curls & Cream only uses fresh fruit in their products. This method enhanced the flavor exponentially rendering the other fruity competitors powerless to stand in their creamy wake. The pink strawberry specked graham cracker curls were joined by two chocolate hazelnut straws and adorned with chocolate syrup and whip cream. Making this treat more than memorable was the item warmly hugging the icy creation – the epic “puffle”. A “puffle” is the Curls & cream equivalent of a waffle cone and is similar in style to that of a Belgian waffle while being much fluffier and retaining a slight crisp. The puffy circles that make up the waffle wrap gently break off and make for a great treat within your treat (treatception). If you get a dessert with a puffle included, the smell alone is enough to set your nostril hairs on end in the best of ways.

The Chocolate Mint Julip & Other Delicacies

Acting as one of the weekly specials, The Chocolate Mint Julip is definitely one to race out of the gates for. Curls & Cream partners with local businesses once a month to promote a flavor of the week. My compadre decided to order this week’s special with the vegan coconut milk. I expected to have a reaction similar to any time I’ve ever tried anything “vegan” (or coconut flavored for that matter). To my total surprise, if I hadn’t known beforehand that it was a different blend, I probably wouldn’t have noticed at all. It was just as delicious as the rest. The treat was created in the same manner as the others with the exception of the mint syrup being added to the vanilla ice cream mix. A chocolate graham cracker replaced the regular one used in the prior treats and upon completion, it was again topped with chocolate syrup and two chocolate hazelnut straws. If you like mint-flavored ice cream OR prefer vegan-based ice cream – Curls & Cream has your back.

Experience Curls & Cream

The next time your sweet tooth beckons and you happen to be in the coolest city around, I suggest you make your way downtown for some high-end yet affordable ice cream that is guaranteed to blow your mind.  Curls & Cream’s summer hours are  Tuesday thru Thursday from  noon-9pm and Friday and Saturday,  noon-10pm

Until next time dudes and dudettes….Chow!

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