This is the question Paducah Economic Development and Partake In Paducah have been asking… a lot.

PED and Partake In Paducah along with the generous support of Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership (FRNP) have developed a recruitment campaign with a wealth of resources for Paducah’s recruiters. Details of this recruitment campaign were unveiled at PED’s annual meeting on Friday, August 17, 2018 beginning with the release of the team’s recruitment film, Why Paducah.

People considering a career in Paducah have to be sold on the job and company, but they also have to be sold on the community. They want to know:

Where, in Paducah, do people:

Residents of Paducah know and understand all that Paducah has to offer for individuals and families alike, but for many researching this community online, there isn’t a centralized location or effort to address the questions that so many individuals have when considering Paducah as a home…

– Until Now.-

Every business and individual that participated in our research shared their largest challenge in attracting talent was being able to articulate and show these potential transplants the great assets that the residents of Paducah know and love.

There is an energy about our region that can’t be captured in a single story, picture or video. It is a story that is still being told by the collective voice and efforts of the people. So rather than try to define it, we choose to invite you to taste, see, and experience for yourself all that Paducah has to offer…to Partake in Paducah and discover all that we love about our great city. This film is a small glimpse into the diverse ways people Partake in Paducah. We hope you will share the film with others as a way to invite them to join our community and help write the next chapter.

In the weeks to come, we will be launching additional resources to Paducah recruiters, residents, and potential newcomers that continue to answer the question: “Why Paducah.” We look forward to sharing these with you and thank all of you who #PartakeInPaducah!