Our Partner

People considering a career in Paducah have to be sold on the job and company, but they also have to be sold on the community. Residents of Paducah know and understand all that Paducah has to offer for individuals and families alike, but for many researching this community online, there isn’t a centralized location or effort to address the questions that so many individuals have when considering Paducah as a home…until now.


Over the last several months, Paducah Economic Development and Partake In Paducah met with many of the major employers in our region to listen and better understand the challenges recruiters are facing when attempting to attract talent to this area. Every business that participated shared their largest challenge in attracting talent was being able to articulate and show these potential transplants the great assets that the residents of Paducah know and love.


After researching and analyzing the feedback of the study, PEDPartake In Paducah along with the generous support of Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership (FRNP) have developed and are launching a recruitment campaign with a wealth of resources for Paducah’s recruiters.  Details of that campaign will be released soon. Baptist Health has joined the recruitment initiative as our newest partner.


“Baptist Health is a proud partner to many of the community initiatives in Paducah established to grow our community and to build on the economic growth that has sustained us,” said Chris Roty, President of Baptist Health Paducah. “Partake in Paducah is a way for us to highlight the business aspects of our community along with the arts, education, culinary and tourism characteristics that make Paducah so well-rounded.”


Partake In Paducah looks forward to sharing stories of how Baptist Health is aiding in the effort to not only to improve the health and well-being of our community members but the health of our region’s economy as well.