Kasper BrightsideBLVD is a music producer, videographer, and photographer who today calls Paducah home. Kasper was raised in a musical household in Dyersburg, Tennessee. His career began as a DJ at the age of 12. His passion for music grew as he began producing music.

Kasper honed his skills alongside producer/rapper Lance Carter, known by fans as Supa Villain.  What followed was his big break producing for artists on labels such as Def Jam Recording and Universal Music Group. The untimely death of his best friend, Carter, left a great void in his music production.

“They say the little things in life either make you move forward or not at all. Music is the thing that keeps me moving. The goal is music and always has been.

When I was younger, I used to always walk with my head down. Not knowing what I wanted to do at such a young age, visualizing wasn’t an important factor to me – until now.”

– Kasper “BrightsideBlvd”

Seeking a new path, Kasper invested his time into video production and creating visuals for local and unsigned artists. Today he provides services from music production to video production;  both realms collide to create great art.  Kasper is a great storyteller tailors his production to meet the need of his art it’s a sure bet he is destined to keep the attention of the audience.

What drew Kasper to Paducah?

“I’m here to better myself and better others, make them stronger, and hopefully collaborate to make something beautiful. Life is about making the best out of any situation. Success is a long highway, but being positive and motivated makes it shorter and that much more worth it.”

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