Zach and Alexa Griffin

Hi! We are Zach, Alexa and Ella. As this week’s guest Instagrammer for @CityofPaducah we are excited to show you some of our favorite things about our city. Zach and I have been exploring Paducah together for almost 6 years, and Ella recently joined the party in 2017! We are very proud of our unique city and its people!

Paducah’s Coke Plant

If you’re looking for something to do, you can always visit the activities board in the Coke Plant! It’s a great place to figure out what is happening in our city and allow local people to support local people!

Pipers is one of our favorite places to spend time! Whether it is grabbing a drink on the fly, sitting down and working on edits, or sipping on coffee and enjoying a good conversation, you will be hard pressed not to find us there (especially on Monday mornings)!

Paducah in Spring

Even after exploring downtown Paducah for years and growing up here for all of our lives, we are still able to find things that take our breath away! We take the time to find adventure in the familiar as often as we can!

We’ve been eagerly waiting for SPRING! For some reason, Mother Nature thinks it’s funny to play with our emotions, but the budding and blossoming of the dogwoods are giving us hope! We recently drove the Dogwood Trail for the first time and snagged a few pictures of the blooms!

Paducah’s Riverfront

Zachary works for a river boat company here in Paducah, so he is always trying to teach me new things about the river and its industry. Our town is full of rich history on the river, and it’s so cool that we continue to carry on the traditions of the port city.

– Ol’ Man River, that Ol’ Man River. He must know something, but he don’t say nothing. That Ol’ Man River, he just keep rollin’ along. –

It’s been hard to spend time downtown lately due to the water being up, but our husky, Marvel, doesn’t have a problem having fun with the driftwood that is on the shore!

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