Manly Daniel’s Barbershop & Gentlemen’s Supply

“It’s different being back, but Paducah always has a concert to go to, an art show, or poetry reading. There is always something to do that keeps you involved in the community.” Paducah native Josh Linville discusses his feelings about being back in his hometown after a three-year stay in Nashville pursuing his barber dreams.

Owner of Manly Daniel’s Barbershop and Gentlemen’s Supply, Josh began barber school in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in June of 2013 before landing a job at Red’s Classic Barber Shop in October of 2014. After just six months, his impressed manager opened a barber shop, Brave, and invited Josh to accompany him.

Linville worked at Brave for a year before moving back home to open his own place at 112 South 5th Street Suite 101 on Thanksgiving weekend of 2017.  Josh describes his shop as having a vintage and industrial feel. He attributes the unique style to his 70-year-old barber chairs, exposed brick and broken plaster. Since opening his shop, Linville has maintained a very busy schedule that currently requires appointments to be made six weeks in advance.

Despite his demanding Tuesday through Saturday work week, Josh still has time to enjoy Paducah Lower Town with his wife, Jenny, and their English bulldog, Manly Daniels. “We have a date every Saturday morning. We typically walk to Kirchoff’s bakery for a coffee and pastry.” When he’s not attending various activities Paducah has to offer, Linville enjoys playing music, reading Stephen King books, and indulging in pizza or Chinese food.


Great time visiting with Josh Linville and sitting in on this hair artist at work! How cool is it that he rehabbed the old Conway Barber Shop on 5th street?! Check him out at Manly Daniels Barbershop & Gentlemen’s Supply. ✂️

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