Student of the Month Nomination

Pizza Inn Paducah is a proud sponsor of Partake In Paducah’s Student of the Month.

The Pizza Inn Student of the Month seeks to honor high school students from Community Christian Academy, McCracken County High School, Paducah Tilghman High School and St. Mary High School.

Nominations are accepted by educators from schools identified above only. One student will be chosen each month from the pool of nominations based on the following criteria:

  • Student has exemplary scholastic skills
  • Student is a leader among their peers
  • Student displays integrity and good moral character
  • Student demonstrates a willingness to help others
  • Student has a track record of community service

The winning student will be featured on Partake In Paducah’s Facebook and Instagram feeds as the Pizza Inn Student of the Month. In addition, Pizza Inn will donate a Pizza party in honor of the student to be shared with his/her classmates in the class with the teacher who completed the nomination. Lastly, the student will be awarded two buffet passes for their personal use.

  • Student Information

  • Nominated By

  • Why are you nominating this student to be the Pizza Inn Student of the Month?

  • Student Photo

  • Please provide a yearbook-style photograph, minimum 600 px wide