Paducah Beer Werks (And So Does Their Food)

It’s that time again fellow foodies, and up next for our crazy ‘food-nanigans’ is Paducah Beer Werks. This eclectic establishment made its debut in March of 2015 and has since become known for its true to style craft beer and articulate artisan-style kitchen. As if this place’s food and beer combo didn’t make it cool enough, it was built straight out of Paducah’s old Greyhound bus station! By molding the nostalgic memories of a time gone by with a modern-day aesthetic, you’ll feel at home as soon as you open the doors.

We hit the ‘fat kid jackpot’ as we were allowed a sneak peek of items off of their NEW menu (coming soon)! Now sit back in your office chair and let the salivation ensue.

Onion Rings & Sauce

Six cups of their infamous Irish Red go into each batch of the beer batter used to create these puffy pieces of circular perfection. As you take your first bite you’ll notice a rich blend of sweet and spicy due to the dynamic combination of the onions and the caramelized sugar from the Irish Red beer batter. The way I see it this item works best as either an appetizer, or as the ideal ring for any proposing bachelor (or bachelorette – I’m not here to judge, just eat.)

Pepperoni Chips

Does this one even need to be discussed? Fine. If you haven’t had this fried delicacy then there are only two possible reasons. You’ve either never been to PBW before, or you have been and for some reason didn’t order them (making you a traitor to your tastebuds). For those that haven’t, allow me to fill you in. Each pepperoni is fried to perfection and topped with a blend of parmesan and parsley. These little suckers have the exact same effect as McDonald’s fries (not that we’re comparing the two because ole Micky D’s couldn’t hold a candle to PBW). Once you pick one up, you can’t get the next one in your mouth fast enough.

Margherita Pizza

If you’re looking for a pie that puts even the greatest Italian minds to bed, then look no further. This particular pizza will have you saving more princesses than Mario (he’s Italian if you didn’t get the reference.) This classic is made with mozzarella cheese, homemade red sauce (there’s also a spicy red sauce option for those looking for a little more heat), fresh tomato slices, a few pinches of basil, all on hand-tossed homemade crust. If a pizza seems like too much of a commitment (come on bro) then you can’t go wrong with one of their killer calzones.

Atomic City Burger (NEW)

As a burger fanatic I’m highly critical of what I say about the cow patties that enter the black hole that is my stomach, so when I say that this is one of the most epic burgers to ever grace your gut – you should probably believe me. Its name was not derived from an overabundance of spiciness, but for the explosion of flavor equivalent to that of an atomic bomb that takes place in your mouth. This bad boy boasts a half-pound patty, jalapenos, spinach leaves, a fresh slice of tomato, goat cheese & parmesan shavings, “Atomic City Sauce”, and red-pepper relish. If you don’t try this one the next time you visit, then you deserve to be locked up and taken away to burger jail.

Rasta Wrap (NEW)

This wrap is for those of you that need a vacation, but only have a lunch hour to spare. Who would have thought that’s all it would take to experience a tropical paradise? This unique piece of Jamaican cuisine contains benedictine, spices, spinach, cucumbers, pineapple, and jerk chicken all neatly rolled into a delicious wrap. Several bites in and I felt as if I had taken a bite out of the entire Caribbean (I keep checking to see if I have palm trees growing from the roof of my mouth). Halfway through the sweet and savory experience, the jerk chicken sneaks up on your taste buds to deliver a friendly island karate chop.

PBW Robust Porter

Any location that serves locally brewed craft beer is a place after my own heart. When I asked which of the beers I should sample, I was met with quite the decision as a great many of them have won statewide, national, and international awards. I decided to settle on their internationally renowned Porter which won a bronze medal at the Dublin Craft Beer cup (as well as its sister barrel-aged brew the following year). Any beer deserving of an award by a legitimate Irishmen (not one of these Americanized, green-wearing, “kiss me I’m Irish” wanna-be’s) is a beer I cannot pass up.

Once the dark brown liquid hit my lips I detected a bitterness without the sensation of chewing on a pinecone (found in most bitter style beers such as the ever popular ‘IPA’) with rich overtones of cocoa comparable to that of a cup of black coffee. I would definitely recommend a pint of this magic to newbies and beer snobs alike.

Go Experience Paducah Beer Werks for Yourself

If you’re looking for a place that caters to the craft beer lover, the light beer lushes, or anyone that can appreciate the overwhelming sense of joy that food brings to us all (except maybe the Whole30’ers), then Paducah Beer Werks is the place to go. From the deeply knowledgeable staff that knows the food and the business’s history inside and out, to the affordably priced dishes bursting with flavor, you’re in good hands. So next time you feel like a beer and a burger, loosen your belt buckle, and treat yourself. You earned it.  Paducah Beer Werks, here we come! As always…Chow!

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